Phoenix Capital’s principals are pioneers in the development of the securitization market, including asset-back and mortgage-back finance. We have since built on our expertise in structured investments in the area of government-backed finance as well as development and management of large infrastructure and capital projects.

We have led asset-based transactions across the following industries:

  • Transportation, including aircrafts, ships, railcars, barges and containers
  • Energy and power, including oil export receivables, petrochemical and industrial chemical manufacturing facilities, natural gas combined cycle power plants, wind and solar farms
  • Infrastructure, including toll roads, airports, telecommunication infrastructure and inner city metro
  • Real Estate, including commercial real estate finance, commercial and residential real estate development, resort development and mortgage-backed securities
  • Healthcare, including technology and equipment finance, senior living finance and financing of hospitals and clinics
  • Media, entertainment and telecommunication, e.g., intellectual property and royalty payments, telecom receivables, technology and equipment.

We provide comprehensive services to issuers, including:

  • Debt and equity placement – We focus on the private markets and have relationships with large institutional investors (including private equity funds, hedge funds and banks), family offices, governments and government-sponsored entities.
  • Due diligence – We are frequently asked by our clients to prepare due diligence packages on their behalf that include the clients’ asset operations, servicing, market dynamics, credit quality of the customers/lessees, cash flow analysis, valuation, etc.
  • Transaction structuring – We have experience with, or have developed, many structures, standards and best practices for a variety of asset types.
  • Documentation – We have worked with most of the leading law firms, across many jurisdictions, in the field of asset-based finance.
  • Transaction closing and funding.
  • Post-investment monitoring and reporting.

We also proactively seek investment opportunities based on market cycles and industry trends.  We work diligently to match our clients with targeted investors.