Alternative Investments

Gaining the trust and respect of both our clients and our investors is important to us, and has been the cornerstone of our firm’s mission since its founding in 2000. We work with the following investors to meet their objectives through alternative investment strategies:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies and pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms
  • High-net-worth individuals and family offices

In general, we believe that alternative investments managed by best-in-class managers and companies substantially outperform broad equity and bond indices on an absolute risk-adjusted basis. This allows investors to generate significant alpha that is uncorrelated to any specific market.

Our asset-based approach provides investors with downside protection and generates stable cash flows.  As such, we frequently work with investment managers and companies that are specialists in their specific strategies and/or sectors.

The institutions with whom we work exhibit the following criteria:

  • Strong and experienced management team
  • Deep knowledge of the sectors that they serve
  • Consistent use of the best procedures and technology to increase their competitive edge
  • Strong investment track record
  • Stability and continuity of personnel
  • Quality investor base
  • Frequent communications with their investors
  • Financial transparency, which speeds due diligence
  • Close alignment of management goals with investors

We also proactively seek investment opportunities based on market cycles and industry trends.  We work hard to match our clients with targeted investors. We often approach clients based on our investors’ need for a particular type of investment opportunity, one which meets their objectives as well as those of the companies in which they invest.