Commitment to our clients has been the cornerstone of our firm’s mission ever since its founding in 2000. We maintain a culture of independence and dedication that supports our clients and their financial needs. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients and be valuable contributors in helping our clients reach new heights. Most importantly, we form a bridge between those who seek and those who provide opportunities in alternative investment.

Our clients include the following:

Mature Companies and Managers Focused on Alternative Investments
Having been in the financial industry for over two decades, we have worked with many best-in-class alternative investment managers and companies, many of which are renowned in the markets that they serve. Such institutions meet the following criteria:

  • Strong and experienced management team
  • Deep knowledge of the sectors that they serve
  • Consistent use of the best procedures and technology to increase their competitive edge
  • Strong investment track record
  • Stability and continuity of personnel
  • Quality investor base
  • Frequent investor communications
  • Financial transparency, which speeds due diligence
  • Close alignment of management goals with investors

“Early- and Mid-Stage” Companies and Managers Focused on Alternative Investment
Through our affiliates, partners and relationships we have worked with early-stage companies which seek capital for growth. We generally work with companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Strong and experienced management team
  • Knowledge of the sector they wish to serve
  • Strong track record of realizations from previous investments
  • Willingness to invest significant “side-by-side” capital
  • Scalable business opportunity with potential large market demand
  • Open to detailed due diligence
  • Commitment to maintaining alignment of interest with investors

Emerging Market Economies
We have expended significant time and have affiliates and partners positioned in: China, Southeast Asia, MENA and Turkey. In emerging economies, we tend to focus on project and infrastructure finance. We work with governments, government-agencies and companies on projects and infrastructure that are vital for the economic growth and development within the specific countries.