We chose the name Phoenix because it embodied the philosophy of our founders.

Throughout history and across many different cultures, humans have told stories about the forever-renewing phoenix. Each culture paints a similar picture: a soaring spirit that periodically emerges in newly re-created forms. The phoenix embodies the core attribute of renewal. The phoenix is a symbol of hope for the future—and of our enduring capacity to create infinitely better tomorrows for ourselves and others.We believe that the same phoenix-like characteristic defines our cyclical economic system, leaving the old order behind to create a new, better order. These same characteristics also define organizations, and individuals.

We see ourselves and our clients as a soaring phoenix. We embrace change, and continuously strive to be more creative, innovative and effective in order to better serve the needs of our clients in a constantly changing global economy. We honor and value our relationships, and are dedicated to their long-term success. The success of our clients in turn leads to success for investors, stakeholders, market constituents and the global community.